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November 13th, 2022

@stoyanstefanov @jaffathecake We well might. I won’t name them of course. (I had bought the 4.99€ Twitter Blue—for editing, not the verification checkmark—before Alon Mask took over. They canceled my subscription, but it still shows up as renewing

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Forking Chrome to turn HTML into SVG: Creative hack. 💀

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@oliverdunk_ @Paul_Kinlan @ChromiumDev @FirefoxDevTools @webkit Thanks for the work you all put into standardizing this API and making it interoperable!

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@cramforce The reviewers made me remove it from the article (, but I’m glad I could sneak it into ChromeStatus. All credits to @chriscoyier who (I think) was first to coin this brilliant term of art in

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RT @type__error: While we’re riding the post-ffconf nostalgia wave, I’ve written up my State of the Browser 2022 talk, where I rebuilt some…

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RT @KetanJ0: Here’s the most awkward custom search function I’ve ever created: everyone you follow, who’s also paid Elon $8 for a dodgy tic…

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xkcd Y2K and 2038

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