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September 6th, 2011

RT @jeresig: Finally reached Firefox Tab Zero. I had stuff in there from June. // LOL! Tab Zero is the new Inbox Zero :-D

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@kidehen @rtroncy Cause this ({TEXT}) is what I needed. It harms T&Cs already anyways. Adding {Resource-URI} would also cause > server load.

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@rtroncy @kidehen Meanwhile{zemanta|alchemyapi|spotlight|opencalais|combined}/{TEXT} might help (unstable).

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@pborenstein Thanks! However, the instr. directly after the creation of a smartmachine still say “To SSH into your machine do:
ssh $”

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@sallamar Thanks. I’ll give siege a try. Compiling it as I’m tweeting……

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rtroncy New release of the (Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation) app Compare NER tools

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@sallamar Interesting. Better in what aspect(s) if you don’t mind the question?

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Learnt about the HTTP server benchmarking tool “ab”. It’s never been easier to kill your server. Thanks for the pointer, @cramforce!

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The Web Inspector(!)-based debugger node-inspector by @trycatcher is really impressive:…. Thanks for this tool!

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@joyent On your smartmachine landing pages in the how to SSH section, consider adding the now required “-p 12345” in the example. Thanks!

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