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September 15th, 2011

@stilkov LOL. Made my evening… Keep them coming. Thanks!

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World Ninja Day - Totally sad that no one came: (via @stilkov) #ROFL

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Social media waterfall by @iA: (via @agebhard). Interesting discussion going on. Google+ is great for that!

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@agebhard “Twitter to {Facebook, Xing, __LinkedIn__}” that is, of course…

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@agebhard My current config. is Twitter to {Facebook, Xing, Facebook}. I post some additional Facebook & Google+ stuff manually. Ideal? No.

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@agebhard Nope. The API is read-only at the moment, but people will for sure API-feed their Google+ posts into Twitter soonish.

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RT @edd: Don’t try & fit Google+ into RSS or Twitter. We need to get beyond that. It’s the 21st century after // +1

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@tcurdt Time for an alternative open-source client (any1 _evar_ used the original client BTW?). Have pointers for a Mac client?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, and now the moment you’ve all been waitin’ for: Google+ API:

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manusporny Today in RDFa (added ordered list support, changing @src behavior):

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@cyprienD I am not entirely sure yet, the session planning is still ongoing…

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Your ignite talk at the Google Developer Day in ? Info & Call for

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“If this then thatfttt is a great service. Using it to backup my tweets to Gmail & Evernote. Lot more’s ifttt.como/tMaz0FVt

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Have paginated content? Some notes on rel=“prev”, rel=“next”, & rel=“canonical” from the Google Webmaster blog: #SEO

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RT @algermissen: Guess that made the round already, but anyway: very good coding style tips for #nodejs from (?) @s

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