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September 28th, 2011

@Hillalli First of all obviously: huge congratulations to your PhD!

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@Hillalli Have read your slides w/ great interest. Seems like we do similar stuff. My focus: event summarization

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RT @rtroncy: Congrats! RT @Hillalli: Thesis defense slides: “Identification and Characterization of Events in Social Media”

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@antoniogarrote You’re based in London? Man, I totally missed that fact. Bummer :-( I heard about thUG by accident. Next time then…

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Spontaneously at the (London User Group) inauguration meeting. Great crowd. Thanks @mahemoff for tweeting about it.

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@forwardtek Any chance to still sneak in tonight? Is sold out sold out, or “sold out”?

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Awesome. Got a space on @hfmuehleisen’s couch and made him attend the “fun coder” event on Saturday evening :-) @JSConfEU, here we come!

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esquimalapps Coming soon: the new version of FotoABC

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@rtroncy Erm, the #LODE paper by the #SYNC3 project has been accepted at #DeRIVE2011 Guess you didn’t see this one ;-)

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RT @stoyanstefanov: Blog: Social button BFFs - load’em all plugins asynchronously

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