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November 19th, 2020

@perjerz34 @kennethrohde It might not be accessible universally or be behind a login wall, but this is the link:….

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The 13 breakout session on “Project Fugu 🐡 in the wild” is happening in 5 minutes. Here are the slides if you want to follow along:….

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📢 I’ll host a breakout session at 13 (more about the conference:…) later today on the topic of…

Project Fugu 🐡 in the wild!

VC Starts at 7:30pm UTC (in your time…

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@Nyr0 You can just call the API directly yourself after a user gesture like a click (`navigator.fonts.query()`).

One other thing to try could be to manually allow font access in Chrome site settings, so the permission prompt would be skipped.

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@Nyr0 Sounds good. Maybe a screenshot of the “Font Book” app focused on the “All Fonts” section so we can understand if the crash might be due to an “excess” (by whatever definition) number of fonts (I have 332 fonts installed for example).

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Productivity PWAs at desktop level thanks to the File System Access and File Handling APIs, by @christianliebel: The original article is in German…, but the English translation works well enough… (solve the ca

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@Nyr0 Thanks. In this case, please file a Chromium bug via If you could maybe send a video recording of your screen actions, this would help people understand what’s going on. Post the bug URL here, I can help triaging.

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@Nyr0 Could you try once more in a guest profile without any extensions, please?

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🤩 Wowza, iOS 14.3 (18C5054c) beta makes the camera available in `WKWebView`-based browsers like Chrome for iOS. Could it be that… finally got fixed? 📷

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about `grid-auto-flow` for making a CSS grid fill its cells columns first:….

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@mikeal @FredKSchott Small typo alert: “That project is called IPLD (Interplantery Linked Data)”


And here I was asking myself if I had misremembered the name and heard it wrong all those years and then what the heck t

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