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November 3rd, 2021

@WestbrookJ @piccalilli_ Wave 🌊 was way ahead of its time unfortunately. Loving the TechCrunch headline, though:

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@kennethrohde @sherrrylst @diekus 💀 Erm, asking for a friend, but how do I get on the guest list? 😂

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@ricmac Yeah, it’s definitely only inspired by a true story, not based on one. The making of is a nice add-on after having watched the series. Some good interviews.

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@html5test I’m working on a tool to help you do this ( Curious, would you mind sending me your originals and tweaked versions for testing what size reductions I can reach with my app?

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@ricmac Fantastic series, enjoyed it very much, too. I love that the project description is still (or again?) up on the agency’s site: 🌍

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@schweinepriestr @webkit Still fails with `Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘registration.pushManager.getSubscription’)`.

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The most wanted PWA features on iOS/iPadOS/macOS Safari 🧭, with @webkit bugs for you to `CC:` yourself to: (Do _not_ comment with “+1”, “Please”, “🙏”, or with anything else that doesn’t bring value and just adds noise.)

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@henrylim96 Haha, yeah, absolute classic!

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I liked this super in-depth article about holistically measuring animation smoothness on the Web: So many ways for a webpage to feel janky, ranging from blocked main thread issues to stuttering video to animated GIFs. Great long r

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💀 It’s #ChromeDevSummit day! You can request an invite at and ask or vote on questions at

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@stoyanstefanov Here’s an idea: you re-run some of the best articles again and just ask the original authors to provide an update for 2021 and/or a retrospective of what worked and what didn’t. I’d _personally_ be more interested in reading this (co

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RT @ChromiumDev: 🚨 New LearnCSS Module 🚨

The CSS transitions module just landed!

Learn about:

🌔 Interpolation
🪁 Easing curves
🚗 Delays…

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@jon_neal @briankardell Congratulations, exciting gig! 🎈

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RT @padenot: The editors of the Web Codecs specification did a (remote but live) talk at @illinoistech’s Real Time Communications Conferenc…

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RT @ChromiumDev: 🦖 There’s no place like #ChromeDevSummit ❤️

The show starts in just 24 hours! Join us 100% virtually for our keynote on N…

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@simevidas @dalmaer I’m on 15.2 beta and likewise wasn’t affected by this yet. It’s also what should happen in theory; see “A Note On Web Applications Added to the Home Screen” in by @johnwilander.

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