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November 29th, 2021

@kennethrohde @KevinKelchen @diekus @AaronGustafson I was about to share the news… 😃 Thanks, @reillyeon, for working on this!

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@kennethrohde @andreban @FlyingTigerUK @MishiPayApp I have looked at the Web app a bit: they use the Scandit Web SDK, which is based on Wasm: In my tests it performed very well; definitely way better than the usual suspects open-s

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@mischmerz Thanks, that’s great to hear! I actually also quite like what it does with photographic images. (I’m sometimes surprised in contrast, though, how sometimes poorly it deals with [seemingly simple] non-photographic images. But that’s what a

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I’m a bit of an @emscripten n00b 🙈 and could use help with a build issue: My cobbled together build approach in the main branch works (see package.json), but my improvement attempt in the PR so far fails miserably. Thanks!

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@gnyman @Jan_Ainali @WikidataEcho @Wikipedia @wikidata Processing some old ToDos: I have reported this as a bug to the Workplace team. Thanks for flagging in the first place!

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RT @googledevjp: 🔢 SVGcode のご紹介 : ラスター イメージ 🎨 を SVG ベクター グラフィック 🔐 に変換する PWA です!

🔖 お知らせ :
🔦 アプリ :…

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