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November 17th, 2021

RT @kunte_ctf: 🎉🎉My first paper “ From a Formal Model to the Automatic Evaluation of Cross-Site Leaks in Web Browse…

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@JecelynYeen @Google Such unusual times… Well, welcome to Google then after all this time you work here. 🤗

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@jaffathecake @firt To be fair, the flag is off by default, but of course I toggled it on like @firt, but came to the same conclusions when testing. It’s clearly work in progress.

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@b1tr0t Be safe, Penny! Hoping for the best!

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@lifelongdev @AnaestheticsApp @Justinwillis96 @Firebase Yeah, this would have been a good use case for Notification Triggers indeed. The next best thing (apart from remote pings) could be a `setTimeout()` that just shows a local notification, but this req

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@lifelongdev @AnaestheticsApp @Justinwillis96 What’s your concrete use case? There might be an API better suited to it!?

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@AnaestheticsApp @lifelongdev @Justinwillis96 Currently it looks less probable since I was told that Android is moving in a direction that makes the chosen approach no longer feasible in a future-proof way.

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Good overview of various background APIs like Background Sync, Periodic Background Sync, and Background Fetch; all with nice demos:

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RT @ChromiumDev: Chrome 96 is rolling out now!

The web app manifest lets you specify a unique ID for your PWA & register protocol handler…

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@denladeside Happy birthday, Lars! It’s 13min past midnight, but I hope it still counts! 🤗

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@DasSurma Welcome to the fully remote club! (Not the mechanical keyboard club—you can pry my A1243 from my cold, dead hands.)

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