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November 4th, 2021

@jaffathecake Phew 😅. Thanks for confirm@smfr@smfr! It would have been counter to anything I had experienced so far, but glad it’s a non-issue to begin with.

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@jaffathecake I looked at my iPhone 6s—the earliest generation to still receive iOS 15—and on iOS 15.1 (build 19B74) IntersectionObserver was on. There’s no “reset to defaults” button, but I’m 99.9% sure I didn’t mess with this setting, since I keep t

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@jaffathecake Applies to all browsers, doesn’t it? Go to `about:flags` (or `about:config` 🦊) and toggle a flag whose default value is now enabled manually to disabled. People who do this hopefully know what they are doing. It’s very hidden in iOS S

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@romulocintra @HolyJSconf Thanks, Romulo, for curating a great set of questions and moderating the session! <3

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💋 Здравствуйте, people from @HolyJSconf! Thanks for coming to my talk! You can find the app that I’ve just walked you through at (code at and learn everything about Project Fugu 🐡 at https

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If you work in Web Standards, there’s so much you owe to heroes like @tabatkins. Thanks, Tab, for making Bikeshed even better for the profit of all readers and authors of specs! ⤵️

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@SeraAndroid Was it a Peter Fox, though, and was the color changing from black to blue? 🤔

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RT @freddyb: We just published v4.0 of eslint-plugin-no-unsanitized. The plugin is meant as a prevention tool and blocks the most common s…

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Just to clarify, each new take on something anyone ever has written about in the past is great. Never let you stop from writing simply because someone has already written about what you were to write about. For the Web Performance Calendar, I’m super in

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I’m an avid reader each year of @stoyanstefanov’s curated Web Performance Calendar 🗔, but over the years it’s become a bit repetitive (since I follow the field too closely), so I’m happy he’s taken up my idea 💡 for this year’s edition â¤

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@mischmerz @html5test Definitely. As long as you don’t need the scaling capabilities of vectors (or need to deal with high-dpr displays), raster images can easily be smaller, especially for photo-like content (think the Clubhouse app’s icon for exampl

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@dfabu @webkit Then they would have acknowledged that installation is a worthwhile thing to reason about and maybe reconsider their position. It’s worth a try; and we’ll see what happens.

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@dfabu @webkit Maybe, but it was filed by an Apple employee, so it got that goin’ for it, which is nice. 😎

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@dfabu @webkit Right, hence a slightly broader bug that focuses on the overall question but mentions the current solution makes even more sense.

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@dfabu @webkit …Which currently boils down to `beforeinstallprompt`. I’ve shared this doc with some folks@webkitbkit, awaiting their feedback we can always create a new bug.

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@dfabu @webkit It’s the only bug that asks for the `beforeinstallprompt` event That’s why the description is “Add to Home Screen”.

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RT @ChromiumDev: âš¡ Learn how to build a Progressive Web App! âš¡

Our new PWA course will take you through everything you need to know. Three…

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RT @hober: I’m so happy to be able to say that the @webkit team is hiring a second standards engineer. Do you love the web and want to help…

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RT @ChromiumDev: âš¡ We’ve launched a whole bunch of new courses on today! âš¡

First up is Learn Forms! Everything you…

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RT @____lighthouse: Introducing Lighthouse for user flows: drive your page with a Puppeteer script and have Lighthouse measure and audit pe…

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The @ChromeDevTools Recorder 🔴 panel is a game changer. Read up on how to use it in @JecelynYeen’s article:

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In case you missed the keynote or the AMA session of #ChromeDevSummit, you can rewatch the livestream here: Note that this was just the beginning; there are many more interactive sessions you can sign up to:

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Seemingly dynamic viewport units are implemented in @WebKit!
⏳ (CanIUse doesn’t show it yet:
🤩 Can’t wait to deprecate this sucker:
❔ Is the best way to feature-detect support still the Moderni

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