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November 5th, 2021

@autiomaa @m_yxnk @nomadtechie Fingerprinting is the real evil nowadays if you ask me, on both Web and platform apps.

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@steveruizok @tldraw Thanks to all contributors (including you) for making it better and better! 🙏

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RT @steveruizok: file system support is back in @tldraw 💾💾💾

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@slightlylate I told ya to get some 🍿. It’s also a freakin’ nightmare.

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Iconmap analyzed 425,909 favicons, and their findings are actually super interesting and entertaining. Prepare some popcorn 🍿!

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@voxpelli @Twitch There’s the Digital Goods API ( @andreban can tell you (or @Twitch 😉) more about it!

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Wow, @Twitch has started to position its PWA equally to their Android app:

â’  Go ttwitch.tvhS, “engage” so the install banner appears at the bottom. It gives you choice (Android/Web).
â’¡ Install Web app and note how the top “Open in App”

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@RubenVerborgh The browser landscape is getting tighter and tighter. Also just leaving this here… ⤵️ For the record, I want this situation to massively improve, in the browser and in platform-specific apps.

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@RubenVerborgh To be fair, Google has always rooted strongly for the Web (and, yes, advocated for apps, too). Selfishly so, sure, the article tells you why, but it’s definitely not a “turn of events”.

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@patrickbrosset @rrelyea I’m aware of Stanford’s file naming best practices, but it’s mostly aimed at researchers: [PDF]

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@rrelyea @patrickbrosset When you cover naming things, can you also cover cache invalidation? Always struggle with these three!

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Demo of GeckoKit (think: the actual Firefox engine) running on iOS in 2015: 🤯
“Add a GeckoUIViewExample application which shows how you can use GeckoUIView. It contains a simple location bar with back/forward buttons.”—ht

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“Google was insulated from the effects of Apple’s changes [to require apps to ask users if they want to be tracked] because many of its services are used heavily in web browsers and less as apps, which are subject to Apple’s rules.”— https://t.c

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10 Ways to Handle Files on the Web by @patrickbrosset provides a great overview of different ways to deal with files on the Web, legacy and modern: Be sure to check out the demo, too:

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