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October 9th, 2019

@chicoxyzzy @v8js Thanks for filing and finding this issue. @mathias or @RReverser are on it. Good catch indeed.

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@tuananh_org @v8js That’s the service worker doing its job updating its caches :-)

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@approxhuman @CryZe107 @v8js If you see the site in a web view like Twitter’s, the app needs to have opted in this web view to auto-darkening. Try in Chrome/Firefox/… (a real browser) directly.

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@approxhuman @v8js Yes, works universally. On iOS web views like Twitter’s, they need to be compiled against the iOS 13 SDK.

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@v8js Shout out to @mathias and @RReverser who have helped golf ⛳️ down the size ( of `<dark-mode-toggle>`:

Now with this having landed, back to the fishing rod… 🎣 </online>

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@v8js Method ⒠ (, ie, different stylesheets, would’ve worked w/o JS (for the default color scheme, not the toggling), but because @v8js is about JS, and multiple CSS files would’ve meant touching the service worker logic, we

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@v8js @v8js’ dark mode is powered by `<dark-mode-toggle>` ( and uses method ⒡ (, ie, a `dark` class. Usually, we recommend different stylesheets (, but for

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v8js Let’s [not] keep you in the dark anymore… Introducing dark mode for!

By default we’re going to display the blog according to your system theme, but feel free to override the preference using a toggle in the footer. (h/t @tomayac)

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