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October 31st, 2019


Coming to Javascript near you, currently in @chromecanary:

🎉 optional chaining 🎉

Here’s Chrome status…

Gif shows optional chaining in Canary devtools console working with eager evaluation, so sick!

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`SameSite` cookie recipes, by ⁦@rowan_m⁩:… 🍪

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Wow, this is an incredibly cute video introduction: (via the quoted tweet). In order to put your insights into practice, I recommend @MozDevNet’s guides on accessibility:….…

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@simevidas @mathias @jaffathecake Or video shot segmentation:…. In 2012, we worked with 1 frame per second split into tiles to speed up the processing. It worked surprisingly well; the demo is still up on my server:…

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jaffathecake This is why we need an API that can unpack a video into frames.…

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Just leaving this here with the rest of the…pb

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