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October 25th, 2019

Not_Woods Initial support for the Web Share Target API in

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WebPlatformNews 🕵️‍♂️ The European Union is financing the development of a client-side page translation service (powered by machine learning) that will ultimately be open-sourced and integrated into Firefox.

Prototype running in Firefox:…

More info:…

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AaronGustafson 🔖 I love how deep @hj_chen goes in her posts on CSS features! Check this one on CSS counters…👾

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Display Locking (…) is an exciting API proposal with a likewise fascinating history (read upward from the quoted tweet). ⤵️…

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stefanjudis The web is not an application platform?

I just came across this planing document of Project Fugu (…), and wow! There is so much stuff coming to the web! 😲…

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mathias Puppeteer v2.0.0 is out! 🔥

➡️ Emulate CSS media features such as dark/light mode or prefers-reduced-motion
➡️ Emulate timezones
➡️ Improved page.screenshot…

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ChromiumDev Automatic lazy-loading of images and iframes yields a ~10% reduction in bytes downloaded per page for Lite Mode on Android:… ⚡️

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mathias The web app lets you view the schedule in your own timezone:… Super handy!

With Puppeteer v2, you can now write automated tests for this functionality. This script takes a screenshot of the schedule as viewed from Buenos Aires.

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Remember my 🌒📸 dark mode screenshot script from a couple months ago? @mathias has just implemented `page.emulateMediaFeatures(features)` in Puppeteer, which makes the script a lot lighter.
Needless to say, the PR that updates the script to use it…

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