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October 29th, 2019

paul_irish Join my team! 👐 Care about web performance, and want to help make the web better?

Apply via this super-generic Software Engineer job posting and then email chromejobs@google to let us know! (Mountain View, CA only—sry!) 💚…a

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@kennethrohde @AaronGustafson @nambi_r The latest (alongside the previous) spec is implemented in

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@nambi_r Please see… on some background on adding this feature as a functionality of the Wake Lock API.

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wesbos 🔥 Took a look at the Air Pods pro website. Some interesting stats about a media-heavy site:


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meduzen New (messy) article: “, the wrist and the web for smaller screens”.…

If you follow some common good practices, your website is maybe already usable on very small viewports.

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kdzwinel WebKit is experimenting with blocking *all* third party cookies, not only those flagged by ITP, for sites w/o prior user interaction.…

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MarcoInEnglish My very first post on @mozhacks has just been published. In it, I write about all the cool new features in the @FirefoxDevTools, like contrast, color vision deficiency simulator, keyboard/focus and text labels.…

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Interesting, ⁦@UCBrowser⁩ is now the first third-party browser option on ⁦@KaiOStech⁩. Is this a full @firefox 48 replacement based on Chromium (unlikely), or just a Firefox 48 WebView with a UC Browser look & feel and curated content (likely)?…

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neuland Nächste Woche Dienstag trifft sich die @GDGBremen in unseren Büroräumen. Vortrag des Abends: „Dark Mode in Web” von @tomayac

Hier gehts zur Anmeldung 👇…

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This fear of clicking a link that might lead to a site that doesn’t support dark mode 🌒. In German, we call it Blendungslinkklickangst. Learn how not to be that site:….…

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domenic The new two-value syntax for CSS’s display property makes so much sense. Good refactoring, @csswg.…

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