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October 30th, 2019

jaffathecake This is why we need an API that can unpack a video into frames.…

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Just leaving this here with the rest of the…pb

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@argyleink @firt I maintain that tries to figure out which manifest features they support. Maybe helpful in this context.

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Oh, neat, progress on the Async Clipboard API in @webkit (…) and support for `image/apng` (but not `image/webp` yet).…

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anssik ✨Remote Playback API… is about to land in WebKit I guess you’ll be able to use your iPad as a second screen for your web apps with Sidecar in the near future with this API.

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In the context of its government takedown transparency effort (…), @github has published the takedown request of the Spanish government (…) regarding the @tsunami_dem (…) repo…

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Focusing on focus:…. An in-depth post on focus behavior in HTML.

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Clipping, Clipping, and More Clipping!…. I kind of like the brand cut zoom effect in this demo:….

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A Guide to New and Experimental CSS DevTools in Firefox:… 🦊

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Nice summary of writing asynchronous tasks in modern JavaScript:….

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Pseudo “random” number generation in pure CSS:…. A nice trick from the “because you can” department. 🎲

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addyosmani Safari shipped native image resizing in iOS13! Users can heavily reduce file sizes when <input type=”file”> is used.

⭐️ this bug if you think we should add a similar feature to Chrome :)

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slightlylate Do you live in chrome://inspect for devtools over USB to your slow phones? Do you hit the limits of devtools and which you could get back to chrome://tracing for that littttle bit of extra insight?

Try chrome://inspect?tracing today!

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