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September 3rd, 2020

DasSurma 📹New HTTP203 with @jaffathecake and me about everything weak in JavaScript.

And by that I mean WeakSets, WeakMaps and the brand new WeakRef & FinalizationRegistry that’s in Chrome84+!…

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@WebReflection @firt @jensimmons @jonathandavis SVG icons cannot be added on the Android home screen for technical reasons outside of the browser’s scope. The browser, IMHO, could take care of the conversion from SVG to something like PNG automatically,

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@mhartington @firt @jensimmons @jonathandavis To be fair, it’s a working draft and there’s some outsourcing happening…, but the icons parts have multi-implementor support by now:….

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Snowden Seven years ago, as the news declared I was being charged as a criminal for speaking the truth, I never imagined that I would live to see our courts condemn the NSA’s activities as unlawful and in the same ruling credit me for exposing them.

And yet that day has arrived.…

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This more than two years old tweet unfortunately still represents the status quo on the latest iOS 14 beta. Here’s the bug for it:…. Is this on someone’s radar, @jensimmons & @jonathandavis? Thanks!…

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@simevidas @KenjiBaheux clarified this on an internal thread:

Private DNS: Android OS feature. Uses DNS-over-TLS. Can easily be blocked (protocol wise).

Secure DNS: Chrome feature. Uses DNS-over-HTTPS. Not easy to block without collateral damage if offe

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@feross @Speakeasy_JS @mikeal @mafintosh This looks _super_ intriguing, but the time is a little prohibitive for my locale. Any plans on rotating through the various time zones of the planet, or (even better) recording the event?

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@simevidas @firt I have a local port of Service Worker Detector 👷 (…) that works in Safari. Hopefully released officially soon.

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ChromiumDev :focus-visible and the Quick Focus Highlight are new in Chrome 86!

:focus-visible helps developers build more accessible sites with improved focus states.

The Quick Focus Highlight gives users more control over when they see focus styles.…

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A recent post by Brave folks claimed that Web Bundles work against ad or content blockers. @jyasskin explains why this isn’t the case really: ⤵️…

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TensorFlow 🔋⚡️ Get supercharged with WebAssembly

In the latest update, supercharging the WebAssembly backend with SIMD and multi-threading can get up to a 10x performance boost for free.

Learn more →

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sw12 A safer and more private browsing experience on Android with Secure DNS:…

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@simevidas Without the market power of Apple who can just require apps to support their relay service, I wonder how long it takes until sites start disallowing “relay.firefox” in emails. It’s not a new concept:….

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@cemper @robertnyman @tyohan Oh, misunderstanding here. It’s @tyohan who is moving on from Google; nothing changed for me.

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@ade_oshineye @Paul_Kinlan Oh, interesting. I’ve been using since forever, but it’s no longer being maintained and doesn’t have the magnetic snapping. Intrigued.

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@robertnyman @tyohan Thanks, @tyohan, for all the impact you had on the local and global ecosystem! Enjoy your next step of taking an office break and whatever comes next! 🤗

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