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September 23rd, 2020

@Paul_Kinlan @chrsgrrtt A FAB could essentially be implemented the same way as a hamburger menu. Here’s @samthor’s demo… from…. The history spamming is a no-go for many use cases (it’s nice that you can

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@andreasbovens @mozilla All the best for whatever comes next, Andreas! Hope you stay on Team Web!

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@NorbertRittel @excalidraw @dluzar Thank you! I have added the correct component and CC:’ed the relevant folks.

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How @themarkup built the real-time privacy inspector Blacklight (….

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Project Fugu 🐡 API rename heads-up: the Native File System API is now called File System Access API.
The reason is our effort to make our language more inclusive:….
I’ve a PR open (…) to update our articles

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@defaced I don’t think so. The closest we have is…, which is about allowing sites to become a Text-to-Speech engine. See this spreadsheet cell on our API tracker:… (deeplink).

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🎧 I had the pleasure and honor of being on the @JSJabber podcast and chat about Project Fugu 🐡. Happy listening! ⤵️…

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@henrylim96 Oh no, I forgot to paste the links. Seems like once submitted I can’t edit the description. The links are:


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Special thanks to @xeenon for helping me navigate the App Store submission process!

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📢 PWA developers using  Safari @webkit rejoice:

The 👷 Service Worker Detector browser extension is now on the @AppStore and makes your life a little easier:

💻 Read the beautified Service Worker code.
📄 See the Web App Manifest.

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katiehempenius Overview of CDNs:
- how they work
- selection
- setup
- performance features you should enable

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