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September 17th, 2020

googlewmc 🤓 Googlebot is learning a new HTTP dialect! 🤓
Starting mid November you may see some of the Googlebot crawl to happen over HTTP2 🙌

Read more:…

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@tjschleining @ChromiumDev Thanks for sharing. We provide a support library that helps with browsers that don’t support the API yet:…. If you code against the API directly, note that there were some changes after the origin trials:…

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@DotProto @reillyeon I tried this, but now whenever I want to open a work project on, Twitter opens instead.


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MSEdgeDev Features like high contrast can help improve readability by enforcing a user’s required color scheme. Learn how browsers apply forced colors, how to optimize styles with new standards, and differences you can expect from legacy implementations.…

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@schneyra Oh, just responded to the original tweet, not having seen Scott’s follow-up. Anyway, here it is:….

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@scottjehl This might break some sites that depend on animations having run. Here’s a snippet we collectively came up with that solves this issue:….

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@AndyDavies @patmeenan Something I actually miss is a “reset to defaults” option. I keep forgetting which flags I toggled and make wrong assumptions about what’s live to the general public. Are you aware of a place with the documented shipping state

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Validation succeeds, distribution fails. The messages.json file exists and is obviously being used (the extension uses strings from it) and the file exists in Xcode. Have an idea what’s wrong? The error code ITMS-90858 reveals one other user’s question:…

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@xeenon Sorry to bug you… I’ve a weird error:

“Missing messages file. Safari web extension bundle LinkToTextFragment.​app/Contents/PlugIns/LinkToTextFragment Extension.appex is missing the messages.json file for the en locale.”

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@daviddalbusco @webkit Maybe only after logging in? Or maybe it’s an A/B test? Or it’s a repeat load thing?

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Excited to share that the Service Worker Detector 👷‍♀️ Safari (@webkit) 14 extension (…) has just been submitted to the App Store.

With it, I just found out that is a perfectly valid installable

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_inside App Clip seem to have propagated by now, so in theory if you scan this QR code from Control Center on iOS 14, you get to play around with @chibistudioapp (Or just open in Safari and use the banner at the top)

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passle_ And there we go, first release candidate for generic-components

A collection of generic web components with a focus on:

🚹 Accessibility
🏗 Easy to use
🎨 Easy to style

All components are vanilla web components 🙂


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Wow, WebPageTest has been taken over by @Catchpoint. The article and the FAQ at the end have the details. Congratulations, ⁦@patmeenan⁩!…

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