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September 25th, 2020

ChromiumDev 📢 Create an offline fallback page:…

Use this🍴recipe described in @tomayac’s latest post to ensure your site’s visitors get at least a baseline offline experience.

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firt 😱Wow! Luna, Amazon game platform, is a PWA on iOS. “We worked with the Safari team to ensure that some of the things that weren’t there are there, and that allowed us to kind of get to where we are today.” That’s why store rules mentioned the web recently…

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@briankardell I remember using… in the past. It was fine for the foreseen use cases. I needed something on top that wasn’t intuitive for me to do, or at least at the time I didn’t understand the concepts, so going all imperative

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argyleink “`
text-decoration-thickness: from-font;
text-underline-offset: .5ex;

.. headed for Chromium 87 🎉

will catch Chromium up with Safari & Firefox! Woot!!

🆕 `from-font`
look to the font for the font designer’s defined thickness or position, NOT the browser’s default…

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