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September 10th, 2020

TensorFlow Our Show & Tell has a new home 🏠

Join us for Show & Tell 3 live on Sep 18, 10AM PT on our YouTube channel. See epic demos that give you superpowers with 8 new projects by the community. See you there!

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scottjehl Not sure how I didn’t know about this already but if you need a simple and free spot to prop up a static website from some files, @Netlify’s drag/drop service here is pretty awesome. Thx for the tip, @zachleat

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argyleink TIL text-emphasis 🎉

em {
text-emphasis: filled double-circle deeppink;

🤯 Put emphasis or an accent on a letter, word or sentence with this nifty prop

Play via @CodePen…

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smashingmag Proportional Resizing with CSS Variables by @shadeed9

.rect {
—size: 186px;
—aspect-ratio: 2.35;
width: var(—size);
height: calc(var(—size) / var(—aspect-ratio));

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ChromeDevTools 🥁 *drumroll* Introducing the new engineering blog!

The first post by @TimvdLippe will take you through our journey of migrating DevTools from legacy custom module format to JavaScript modules.…

Stay tuned for more engineering content! 🤩

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@xeenon Cool, thanks for confirming! Hopefully there will be some docs on how to submit by then, too…

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Polls vs. the Street Such a true .

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@xeenon (Friendly ping after the Labor Day break.)

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