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May 4th, 2021

RT @tkadlec: First Contentful Paint is now in all modern browsers, which is huge news. But differences in implementation mean it’s unreliab…

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GitHub is heavily invested in the Web Components ecosystem. ⁦@koddsson’s post⁩ “How we use Web Components at GitHub” provides an overview. Here’s the full list of their elements as a proof:

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Learned from @fbopensource’s post (see quoted tweet ⤵️) that @MozDevNet has a PWA section in the works: It’s massively work in progress, but looking forward to it! 💏

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RT @j9t: There is such a thing as “body-ok”! It relates to link type keywords, and denotes what <link> elements are okay to be used in the…

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RT @stackblitz: `<two-up>` is a custom element you can use to add a visual comparison feature to any website/app:

1⃣ `import ‘two-up-eleme…

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RT @codrops: Dynamic CSS Masks with Custom Properties and GSAP

Learn how to animate CSS masks based on the cursor position using GSAP and…

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@JecelynYeen @ChromeDevTools Congratulations 🎈! Here’s to many more years!

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@steveruizok Just open the URL in one of the alternative browsers on iOS like Chrome or Firefox. They use WKWebView.

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RT @ChromiumDev: Learn about 🎞 insertable streams for `MediaStreamTrack` in @tomayac’s latest article:

A `MediaSt…

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@LinkofHyrule89 @Twitter Can you add this as a comment on the bug, please?

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@LinkofHyrule89 @Twitter Not personally, but just added a component to the bug so it lands in the right queue.

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RT @feross: Shoutout to `common-tags` ( which we use to build @Wormhole_App.

One of the most handy npm packages. T…

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RT @LibbyMClark: Suitable non-REST APIs from @johnmusser: “GraphQL is when you need flexibility; gRPC is when you need performance. You als…

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@simevidas I’ll have a look. No ETA yet, but promised it’ll happen.

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@reconbot @reillyeon Well played. 💏 I love this take.

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A GameBoy connected to a Raspberry Pie Pico connected to a browser via #WebUSB that then allows you to link via a game server to other players with the same setup for multiplayer Tetris… 🤯 All code here: Next level video demo

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Instructions for getting that richer PWA installation UI on mobile Chrome, by ⁦@Mustafa_x⁩. Now featuring screenshots and description. 💏

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