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May 6th, 2021

RT @christianliebel: Happy to be a teeny-tiny part of the upcoming Google I/O. Don’t miss @tomayac’s workshop on Project Fugu and take the…

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@blaine @justinschuh @jaffathecake @Dieulot @slightlylate This summarizes the status quo so perfectly well.

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RT @blaine: @justinschuh @jaffathecake @tomayac @Dieulot @slightlylate The fundamental problem with CORS in my mind isn’t a technical one (…

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Wow, what an amazing effect! 🤩 I can see Facebook use this after the user updated their relationship status to “It’s complicated” and browses through their Facebook photos. 💔

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@roderickhsiao The UI is translated, yes. Here’s my Pixel 3a set to German. Not sure about the color question, it’s modeled after the way it looks on desktop I think, @Mustafa_xfa_x probably can say more about our options

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@smfr @bramus @shadeed9 @chriscoyier @css Some compatibility notes on @MozDevNet mention this:

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RT @christianliebel: The 2021 Web Almanac will again have a chapter on modern web capabilities. We are looking for co-authors, analysts, an…

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