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May 27th, 2021

RT @ChromiumDev: Learn how to prepare for a more private web 🔐

🍪 3P cookie phase-out
🔧 Helpful tools
🔲 New APIs

… and more !

Watch t…

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@jeffposnick @ebidel @ChromiumDev @b1tr0t @petele Also CC: @fractorious. The tracking bug is still open, which implies the work isn’t done yet:

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RT @ChromiumDev: Watch this session to learn how to make the most of web platform features to successfully interact with built-in and third…

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@sw12 @DasSurma I usually (but not always) start with a stray `button` or so and then eventually wrap it in a `form` once my app matures.

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@juberti @sw12 @Google @Clubhouse @pdavison @rohanseth Congratulations! 🎈 The “Web” in “WebRTC” stands for “Clubhouse for Web” I guess?

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RT @marcosc: Really proud of this rewrite. I trimmed the Geo spec by 4 pages and modernized everything.

If you’ve not looked at geolocati…

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Today we took the small but important step of starting to migrate the User Preference Media Features Client Hints Headers proposal to the @wicg_: Feedback welcome. 😃

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