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May 20th, 2021

The “Project Fugu 🐡 and You” meetup at #GoogleIO is happening in roughly 45min from sending this tweet. Join @fractorious, @Vincent_Scheib, and me and hear what an Engineer, a Product Manager, and a Developer Advocate want to _

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@jamest_lu @ChromiumDev Oh, that’s a way to visualize the Web API landscape that I haven’t seen before. Thanks for sharing!

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@jeffposnick @mhartington Yes, if this actually should become declarative sugar on top of imperative service worker registration, it needs to be clearly specified when the registration happens (and probably even be configurable via attributes). Not sure i

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@mhartington In the end for a PWA you need a Web App Manifest anyway. But I can see how decoupling them may be useful for apps that purely use a service worker for performance reasons, but have no intention of becoming installable.

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@ttatsuoki @YouTube Tungsten is a really nice PWA. Well done! 💏

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@SCRWD @LinkofHyrule89 @ChromiumDev Yepp. Just like Fugu fish. Always cut it right.

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@ChromiumDev If you joined in live, you saw me have “fun” with service workers 💷, if not, here’s the recording: The codelab link is here: I’m happy to answer questions on Project Fugu 🐡 or anything e

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@LinkofHyrule89 Thanks for baring with me… The finished product ifugu-greetings.glitch.meDO.

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🔢 In less than 1h from sending this (10:30AM—11:15AM CEST) you can join me for my #GoogleIO workshop on A Whirlwind Tour Through Project Fugu 🐡 APIs: Registration is optional, but when you do, you get to ask questions (see

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@mhartington Or maybe what you actually want is the `”serviceworker”` memeber back in Web App Manifest?

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@AltReptile @mgiuca All it does is determine how links should be opened (for example, in a new or in an already open window of the PWA).

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