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May 31st, 2021

techreview NEW: Behind the painstaking process of creating Chinese computer fonts

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RT @ChromiumDev: Thanks to the @excalidraw community for the great collaboration 🤝 on @tomayac’s and @lipis’ #GoogleIO talk! Here’s a cross…

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🔢The official announcement tweet for my #GoogleIO talk is out ⤵️. If you prefer reading over watching, I’ve created a write-up just for you: Or you just enjoy both, the video and the write-up.

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@addyosmani Seems like on iOS this is currently still blocked on Sad that devices with among the greatest horsepower can’t run this app.

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addyosmani Introducing AVPress: - compress & resize videos in the browser thanks to WebAssembly and FFMPEG.WASM.

Works in Firefox & Chrome (SharedArrayBuffer). Experimental for now :)

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What I (i.e., @jjcollinsworth) Learned Building a Word Game App With Nuxt on Google Play: This great article featuring Bubblewrap can serve as a data point when you decide if you want to go the Trusted Web Activity way or not, or

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@RReverser Congratulations, Ingvar! Hope you have a good night’s sleep!

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