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May 21st, 2021

@sulco @johnste_ @JesperBylund @brave Ah, thanks for clarifying! Some recent bugs for this feature:

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@hako584 Maybe @quicksave2k can help you find the answer to this question.

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RT @excalidraw: Did you miss @tomayac’s and @lipis#GoogleIO talk featuring Excalidraw and Project Fugu 🐡?

Watch it in our new blog post,…

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@johnste_ @JesperBylund I wonder what’s missing. I tried faking my UA in Safari and it failed in mysterious ways… Maybe @sulco knows more? It doesn’t use the File System Access API (not supported by @Brave).

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.@quicksave2k has landed an implementation 💏 of Sec-CH-Prefers-Color-Scheme in Chrome Canary ≥92.0.4514.0. We’ve put a demo online that showcases the use case we want to enable. The explainer includes screenshots of its output:

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@ZMYaro I just found it online, not sure where it came from. But it illustrated what I wanted to get across really well… Thanks for your questions during the meetup, greatly appreciate the contributions! <3

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@AnaestheticsApp Technically WebUSB and WebBluetooth pre-date the Project Fugu 🐡 proces@Snuguggug, if we labeled the old bugs for both with “proj-fugu”, would your tracker pick them up?

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@TheRealNooshu “Only once the surgeon is 100% happy that said part of the brain is safe to remove, will it actually be removed.” I’m incredibly fascinated by the implications of this. Nature is a wonder. 🧠

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RT @ChromiumDev: ☝️ Missed an I/O session?
🤩 No problem!

You can watch and rewatch all the web #GoogleIO sessions to catch up on all the l…

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RT @TensorFlow: 🌉 TF.js is bridging the gap between mobile and web ML!

With WebAssembly, announced at #GoogleIO, you can easily deploy a c…

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RT @calinoracation: At Airbnb we’ve been working on making a faster web experience with the postTask scheduler. Today we get to share the r…

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RT @stackblitz: Today we’re excited to bring Node.js back to its roots - the browser!

Together with @googlechrome and @vercel, we’re enabl…

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@Una Yes, `currentColor` is super useful for dark mode: Adding `currentBackgroundColor` would make a lot of sense. 🤩

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RT @maudnals: Third-party cookies 🍪 will be phased out.
How can you prepare your site for this?
💉 Summary: in this one image ⤵️ (ALT text…

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@anssik Wow, I wasn’t aware Intel is in the light show drones business. That’s interesting.

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@edent AMP does have dynamic parts, for example, `<amp-list>` ( or `<amp-autocomplete>` ( It’s also an apps markup framework, not just a content markup framework.

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