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May 22nd, 2021

RT @CSSWeekly: Christian Liebel (@christianliebel) and Thomas Steiner (@tomayac) explain how to recognize users’ handwriting as it happens…

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The developer community doing @discord’s work and implementing an amazing PWA with #WindowControlsOverlay support. Read more about this Project Fugu 🐡 feature here:

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@LinkofHyrule89 🤯 What? That’s super cool! I love how the developer community fills in gaps the companies leave. I wish they would get an offer to get hired and continue their work officially.

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@jsalsman @LaurenGoode @GoogleARCore Happy you could make good use of the debugging time… 😂 Excruciating indeed.

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RT @somebitsLinks: Android 12 and app stores: New release of the phone OS will explicitly support alternate app stores. Major change for co…

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RT @WebReflection: TIL: no way to fetch huge (2GB+) files, and XHR on readyState 3 is hopeless too (it keeps incrementing responseText even…

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@Snugug @AnaestheticsApp I’ve added the label to the two bugs. Let’s see if they show up upon the next deployment.

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RT @gdgratoma: 🔢 @gdgratoma présente #GoogleIO Extended Conakry 2021

✅ Date: Mardi 25 Mai 2021
🕚 Heure: 11h00 à 13h00
✅ Lieu: En ligne…

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