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March 1st, 2022

I wasn’t aware Starlink 🛰 communication, donated to Ukraine by Elon Musk ( could be triangulated and be a massive threat to the safety of its users like journalists or activists. Good thread:
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New CSS features in 2022: by @MicheBarks:

Container Queries
New CSS Color Functions
Cascade Layers
Scroll Timeline

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@davrous Wow, félicitations! 🎈

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@dunxen @SusanWojcicki Thanks a lot for checking. That’s what I expected. Sad.

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@mkljczk @SusanWojcicki Thanks for checking, this is sad, but expected given the press article that only mentioned Europe.

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@SusanWojcicki Happy to report Russia Today is now blocked on YouTube in Europe: Not sure about Russia, though. Can any of my Russian friends confirm if RT is still available on YouTube with a Russian IP address?

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