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March 24th, 2022

@etiennetalbot So in your PWA you want to be able to read (possible), say, a `.docx` file and from the PWA be able to then open said file in Microsoft Word? I don’t think that last part is possible.

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@alexborsody @jeffposnick Sounds like feedback for @marioanima’s successor. Not sure if they are on Twitter?!

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@etiennetalbot @kennethrohde @AaronGustafson @webmaxru @MSEdgeDev @diekus @patrickbrosset I thought the objective was to replace your native app with the PWA, which indeed would open the files if configured to do so.

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RT @did0f: Thanks to @tomayac for the post on the VirtualKeyboard API. Didn’t know about the attributes ‘contenteditable’, ‘virtualkeyboard…

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@ebidel There is not as far as I can tell. I guess it boils down to platform sniffing to show the user the adequate instructions for their OS.

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@othermaciej Go to, find your country, and take it to the streets and #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦. The next event in San Francisco is

You can also deeplink the embedded dashboard directly:

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CSS Container Queries _and_ CSS Subgrid enabled by default in Safari Technology Preview 142. That’s a nice troll, @jensimmons: 💏

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@claviska @Justinwillis96 Hard same. Super thankful for GitHub who provide copy and paste command line snippets when their GUI cannot handle certain merge flows.

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@argyleink If you really need to, you can watch the `open` attribute ( from afar with a `MutationObserver` that you set to watch for attribute changes:

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@AdaRoseCannon Yeah, absolutely. If this is collecting material for a talk or blog post, hope you can help drum up some excitement.

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@hankchizljaw Twitter! Also Squoosh and Photopea. But there’s a long tail for more niche apps like The Lounge (IRC client).

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@m_yxnk Thanks for the mention of SVGcode 😊!

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@AdaRoseCannon By the way, the team is thinking about expanding the link to text idea to media:

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These satellites 🛰 and dishes 🔡 are being used for good it seems:

Not an Elon fan in general, but good to know that @elonmusk & Company #StandWith

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@JohnMu @samuelgoto Positivity, John. Why burn the keyboard when you could be lauding the processor? 😃

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@kennethrohde @reillyeon Yes, this misguided perception is super hard to overcome. I ran out of characters and didn’t want to spam Tantek’s mentions.

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@AdaRoseCannon Yeah, it’s a super cool built-in feature. There’s also a spatial dimension not implemented in browsers yet; you can play with it via a polyfill that I wrote nine years

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Mozilla’s Web vision ⤵️.

“WebUSB enables low-level communication between a website and any device plugged into someone’s computer.” → not any (CC: @reillyeon)

“Much of the discussion around mobile capabilities has been driven by Googleâ€

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@AaronGustafson @brucel What’s deeply worrying to me here is that this is a clear sign of people learning (all the details of) an abstraction like Tailwind first before learning (the absolute minimum of) the fundamentals, which makes them go “there’

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@JohnMu @samuelgoto At least on M1 macs the update finishes over lunch (at least over my kind of lunch), whereas on Intel macs it can easily take over an hour.

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@simevidas Check out and (before) I understand the overall mechanics, not the details.

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ðŸPSA: you can search your local members of the 🇩🇪 German Bundestag and get their contact info to then askStopPutin by boycotting oil and gas imports from Russia rather sooner than later. Climate politics is peace

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@kathabeck, @till_steffen, @emiliafester & @linda_lobster als “meine” 🌻 Grünen aus Hamburg: Bitte tut alles, um einen Öl- & Gasboykott baldmöglichst umzusetzen und den Ausbau der Erneuerbaren zu beschleunigen! Klimapolitik ist Friedenspolitik—

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