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March 5th, 2022

Using files 🔂 with browsers, in reality, by @tmcw. Thanks for recommending browser-fs-access <3. Just added a reciprocal pointer to @​placemarkio/flat-drop-files to its README:

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@brucel I’ve been thinking many times “Where’s your pacifism now?” in the last few days. There simply seems no other solution than a military one and sanctions take too long to be effective if the goal is to avoid victims now. For now, I’ve dona

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@samthor Maybe @aemkei is interested in taking a look. Sorry for the nerd snipe. Not sorry actually. 🙃

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@andrius_kai @dan_jenkins Yes, VPNs and savvy users able to use and/or set up TOR bridges ( are the current options. Some sites have mirrors, too (

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@cramforce Thanks for making me leave my comfort zone and encouraging me to learn proper JavaScript while you were still my seat neighbor in the Hamburg office. I wouldn’t be where I’m today without you. Of course also congratulations on where you got

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@henrylim96 You’ve just understood how German works! 💏

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Reminder that the BBC’s news site is available via the TOR network since 2019: Consider sharing how to access the site with people suffering from censorship (e.g. 🇷🇺) and who you still have a secure channel to via Signal/T

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