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March 26th, 2022

jecfish Debugging CORS errors is less painful now with @ChromeDevTools!

Click on the new icon to identify the relevant network request, or use the Issues tab to find and get suggestions to fix them all.

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@denladeside Sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace!

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RT @AdaRoseCannon: Here are my slides for @CityJS on how to build an Augmented Reality Game using WebXR,

It includes speakers notes so you…

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@rauschma I get the motivation of Shadow Realms ( Are you aware of a problem in _practice_ where Shadow Realms would have been the solution? Not questioning the proposal’s existence—I actually like it—just curious to learn w

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@patrickbrosset You said “opening” (not “uploading” [but the app did]) but then “downloading”. Haven’t looked into the code, but has the file actually left your browser, or was it all processed client-side? We (and app developers) need to ge

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