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March 4th, 2022

Great overview presentation about various Project Fugu 🐡 APIs by @christianliebel: See how apps like Paint (, VS Code (, or Photoshop ( use these capabilit

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If you don’t speak Ukrainian/Russian (I don’t), use Google Translate or Google Lens (or whatever translation tool that works for you) and read their messages. These voices can’t go unheard.

Русский корабль, иди нахуй →

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Everyone in/from…
Belarus 🤍♥️🤍
Russia 🤍💙♥️
…standing up against this injustice and protesting against the war: a hero! It’s easy for privileged folks like me to #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦, but these heroes risk their freedom—an

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😡 What the actual fsck? How much more needs to happen? I’m old enough to remember Chernobyl and not being allowed to play with the sand in the sandbox as a kid. If this escalates, we’ll move on from #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 to #IodineForCentralEu

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Chrome 100 Beta: Really happy about the launch of the Multi-Screen Window Placement API. Also glad the editor chose to feature my early days 🦠 home office setup photo. 😂

The demo in is about a crypto trading dashboard. `</tr

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ChromiumDev Apple:

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ChromiumDev Interop 2022: major browser vendors Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, plus Igalia and Bocoup, have come together to solve the top browsers compatibility issues identified by web developers.

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