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March 31st, 2022

Made some changes to the expert options in SVGcode ( today. They’re now more logically ordered based on likelihood of improving the SVG result and the “Show Expert Options” checkbox now appears above the

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@simevidas Permissions problem is tracked as

@webkit support has been demanded in (though initially was demanded in

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RT @tpiros: 🔢A new experimental panel has landed in chrome Canary called “Performance Insights”. I had the opportunity to take a sneak peak…

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@html5test If you can, try to create a minimal reproduction case and file a, please.

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@mathias @simevidas @eisaksen I knew you knew. So the reason is backwards compatibility with ES3 if I understand correctly.

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@simevidas @eisaksen I don’t know the exact answer. Typically someone like @mathias has responses to questions like this.

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@cjamcl Maybe @wanderview could help you debug this from an engineering point of view. From a DevRel point of view I don’t see a problem why this wouldn’t work, assuming CORS issues and friends are ruled out.

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@simevidas @eisaksen I think the problem is that both are reserved words in JavaScript.

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@cjamcl I instrumented Photoshop on the Web, and its 82+ MB Wasm file was cached just fine. This was on desktop obviously.

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UA gotta be kidding: interesting blog post by ⁦@briankardell⁩ on the user-agent string, lies, piles of more lies, and how history repeats itself with VR browsers. 🕵️‍♂️

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RT @ChromeDevTools: Woo-hoo, Chrome 100 is here! Let’s celebrate by popping confetti in DevTools. 💯🎉🎊

We will continue to provide reliable…

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@nomsternom @WestbrookJ There’s a lot of old cruft, but typically I’d start with Next, I’d search for “photo gallery” and scan the list (often overwhelming, or more often just do a plain Google se

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@shadeed9 Wow, things like this put everything else in relation. Glad to hear he’s doing fine now. Wishing for full recovery! Take care!

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