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March 22nd, 2022

@brucel Missed opportunity to get one of those:

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@mnot @cramforce @yoavweiss 🤦‍♂️ Cache Trailers, of course:! Merci for helping my brain out. The idea Malte’s after would be something like a “Status Trailer”—The initial response would be `200 OK`, but the “Status Trail

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@dfabu @yoavweiss @cramforce @mnot Well, everything that’s non-dynamic. And with inlined resources, this can be a lot of useful information.

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@yoavweiss @dfabu @cramforce @mnot Yes, that’s my understanding as well. Dan, the way I read Malte’s problem is being able to start streaming a response from a server while, for example, a database query is still running, which might fail or return no

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@dfabu @cramforce @yoavweiss @mnot I went there, but it’s not for the initial request if I understand correctly. I thought it was, but that’s also not it.

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@stubbornella @simevidas Yes, it’s the heart of SVGcode (app at, writeup at Offscreen canvas and regular canvas, including the new Canvas 2D filters (

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@cramforce You’ve sent me down a rabbit hole 🐇 🕳 and I’m no longer sure if I saw something like that proposed or not. I have a _very_ vague feeling that someone proposed sending provisional status codes that could later be@yoavweiss@yoa@mnots or

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