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December 3rd, 2019

intenttoship Blink: Intent to Ship: Periodic Background Sync…

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MSEdgeDev Improving Tracking Prevention in Microsoft Edge…

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rowan_m In-depth but accessible exploration of the upcoming cookie 🍪 changes. You’ve only got 2 months left to fix this, so if you don’t know what I’m talking about then go read this blog.…

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@mayeedwin1 @MartaW_PL Nice, thanks for sharing! I’ve built something similar when I was doing research on WebView capabilities:…. There’s also by @NOtherDev.

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@nhoizey Yes, true. Check the section “Twitter cards and Open Graph” on via Twitter Web App in reply to nhoizey

cobra_winfrey with a whole lot of clip-paths, masks and box-reflect I built this generative holiday sweater pen over at @CodePen // if you want to experience the darkest dark mode go ahead and open it outside of Chrome…

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@rick_viscomi @Twitter Thanks, it’s probably some sort of caching issue. It didn’t render locally in my logged in session at all, but it did render when I opened the tweet individually in an incognito tab.

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@tibor @Twitter Yeah, it works fine on mobile for me, too, but looks borked on desktop (it seems to work in an incognito tab, though).

All that being said, you should _really_ charge your phone, your battery charge level makes me super nervous. 😂

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