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December 1st, 2019

@rowan_m is looking for things to complain about on Twitter. Please help. ⤵️

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@Not_Woods Wow, this looks incredibly useful in the current state already. I’ll try this to get my new old bloblog.tomayac.comC5 a better (or rather: an actual made for this purpose) favicon & manifest icon.
(Meta: Thought of adding the `permanen

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Not_Woods Here’s a new project I’m working on: an image editor for maskable icons! It’s currently rough around the edges but ready to try out.

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@rowan_m Go to the bot’s full profile, three dot menu, mute.


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@mrdoob 😂 Yeah, good remark.
I was honestly surprised that the inlined SVG with the JS animation played, while the referenced via `<img>` didn’t. Need to find out if this is working as intended.

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🔢 New blog post! Animated SVG favicons:


Should your favicons dance 💃 like no one is watching? Probably not, but it might be useful as a progressive enhancement in certain situations. Looking forward to learning your th

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@CharlieCroom @dalmaer @slightlylate Well played 💏. You all obviously know, but for others who watch this from the comfort of their couches, this feature request is tracked in

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