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December 10th, 2019

@shmdhussain12 @ChromeDevTools @patmeenan I don’t know of any, but if the WebView in question is marked as debuggable (…), then you can just test for yourself.

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tomayac Facebook have recently marked their WebView-based In-App Browser debuggable 🧐. I have taken a close look 👀 with the @ChromeDevTools and have documented my findings.


Thanks, @patmeenan, who announced this feature.

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@SterbalRobert I don’t know, maybe @Facebook is A/B testing their settings? And to be clear, I was talking about the Android app, the setting doesn’t seem to exist on iOS.

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Paul_Kinlan getUserMedia API can access the infrared camera on the Pixel 4.…

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Not_Woods I’ve upgraded my maskable icon tool - now you can easily create new icons in the browser!

Upload and resize layers with live preview
Try out a variety of shapes and masks
Quickly share your results via the existing viewer tool

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@kylealden @DotProto Still blows my mind what they pulled out of CGA:

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@ericlaw The next phrase is key: “That reflects the fact that advertisers pay more money for ads that can be targeted at people with specific demographics and interests”.

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manucorporat Integrated with new Native File System API, and I just realized it’s the best API the web got in a long long time! We need this shipped soon everywhere!
cc @kennethrohde @Paul_Kinlan

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@derSchepp Nolan Lawson has written about a similar experiment:…. Something I noticed in your implementation when playing with it on iOS is that the whole page scrolls up when I swipe/scroll the carousel.

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