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December 13th, 2019

stoyanstefanov Web performance calendar day 13 with @anniesullie on what LCP is and how it came to be. Invaluable insight from Chrome folks on how they think about metrics…

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@philwalton @RickByers @david_bokan Based on my experiments, I don’t think it does anything useful yet. It can currently be used to feature-detect support. But @david_bokan may have a better answer.

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@gsnedders @DanielBratell I noticed that as well and checked: his last article is from 2019, so concluded Opera’s still the current employer. Anyway, thanks for letting me know.

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@gsnedders @DanielBratell Oh 😲. The Twitter bio at least still says he’s working for Opera.

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@othermaciej @BrendanEich @yoavweiss @chrishtr @DanielBratell @slightlylate @bz_moz Thanks, Maciej, we have collected this (emailing the @webkit mailing list) as part of our best practices.

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🎉 The Scroll to Text Fragment proposal (…) now has 4 LGTMs, i.e., is ready to ship! It allows you to truly deep-link into docs—even when there’s no # anchor.

Here’s a sample…2 ⛄️

(Test with flag

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NikolasZimmerm1 I just published an article about my first large project @igalia on my blog: enabling CSS 3D transformations in @webkit SVG. I am looking forward to your comments - checkout

I am excited :-)

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