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December 6th, 2019

Una 🔥This brand new post is all about dynamic color theming using CSS custom properties, HSL, and the calc() function

Learn how to recreate the lighten/darken, complement/triad, color-contrast (sort of), & mix functions using ONLY vanilla CSS


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@paul_irish @simevidas This might have been a case where Priority Hints could have helped. Not defending that they load stuff this way in the first place, just thinking of fighting the symptoms.

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@patmeenan This is a great move in the direction of more transparency. Thank you!

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In-app browsers like @facebook’s (any WebView really) effectively are a _potential_ man-in-the-middle attack that can modify the traffic between server and client, for example, to insert tracking scripts. Great move by Facebook to make theirs…

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FlowBrowser Sometimes JS frameworks present unexpected challenges for those implementing a new HTML browser engine.…

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