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December 19th, 2019

@FilipStanis It is the default, making it explicit mostly just makes sure you (or a CSS framework that you may include) don’t set it to something else… ;-)

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@theBashShell If someone sets their default font size to very large, ugly scrollbars may be the least of their concerns…

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@othermaciej If I may, some additional data to look at would be @____lighthouse run on the randomly selected page… out of many others with images).

Massive savings potential, here’s the relevant

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@othermaciej Serving fallbacks has been a recommended best practice from the start of the format (…), so I guess pages completely ignoring non-compatible UAs are rare. But if(f) @webkit were to support it, all modern browsers would:

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@cjinfantino Yes, as long as you use `:root { font-size: 1rem; }`.

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@othermaciej “Does this mean WebP is coming (back) to Safari or already there?”…c

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bendhalpern I am excited to share a post detailing improvements we shipped to DEV in terms of performance and UX.

We now leverage Service Workers and ReadableStream really effectively.

Shoutout to @jaffathecake for inspiring this approach.…

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