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December 18th, 2019

@tombyrer @matejlatin I tend to use `rem`s exclusively, but there are situations where `em`s make sense, too (see @chriscoyier’s meta comment on @jeremybchurch’s post linked in…).

For monospace font sizing, interesting background…

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@aaronpeters @mathias I’m learning something new about accessibility myself almost every day, and with this tweet was only standing on the shoulders of…jI

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@aaronpeters @mathias By doing that, you override and upscale the user’s chosen default font size, which typically is 16px, to 17.6px. You can do that, but maybe only above a certain screen size (or more hand-wavily: on “big” screens).

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v8js V8 hits its long-awaited v8.0, now with optional chaining, nullish coalescing, faster higher-order builtins — oh and 40% less memory use thanks to pointer compression, no big deal.

h8rs gonna h8, V8ers gonna V8 🔥🔥🔥…b

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Full credits to @matejlatin from whose article… I have learned this from. We just fixed this issue on (pending deploy).

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Tip: Don’t set absolute font sizes! If someone has their default browser font size bumped up/down, you override their choice and force them to zoom. 😔

Instead, set the font size to `100%` on the `:root {}` level and make everything a function

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