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December 5th, 2019

In case you were following the built-in modules JavaScript discussion, here’s the latest stance on this by @domenic:…. The tl;dr is: “I believe that built-in modules are harmful and should not be pursued”.

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@mayeedwin1 Don’t praise the messenger… 🤣

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beverloo This, and new Origin Trials for Notification Triggers and support for addresses & photos in the Contact Picker. Chrome 80 will be a good release! :)…

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🎉Two new Project Fugu 🐡 APIs have just received their 3rd LGTM (Looking Good To Me) seal of approval 💌 by the API owners, which means they’re ready to ship (…)!

Periodic Background Sync:…

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@Paul_Kinlan @dstaley There’s some discussion around making elements of Web App Manifest color-scheme-aware (…), but currently your best bet _now_ is to dynamically switch `link[rel=manifest]` (and `meta[name=theme-color] and `link[

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Funny how the screenshot lies about the notch and just fills it with the background pattern. It’s not magically gone of course, but barely noticeable. The original article by @hortont424’s here:…. Glad `env()` is being

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I’m using the `env(safe-are-inset-{left,right})` CSS function (…) on my new old blog (…); and (completely biasedly) have to say: it looks gorgeous 🤩 on my notch phone 📱. Easy to implement, too:…

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@kennethrohde @webkit Also adding in @jonathandavis, since we were discussing this at .

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@kennethrohde, you might want to chime in or on subscribe yourself to…. The @webkit team is looking at Web App Manifest work.

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Eramdam Damn, the new multi-line mode in @firefox 71’s console is AMAZING. It’s going to be SO convenient, and the history search is going to save my life.

Kudos to whoever contributed on this at Mozilla.…

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@patrick_h_lauke @derSchepp @goetsu @dotCSS `prefers-reduced-motion` is actually a great case for the idea we brought up in…. Having this information exposed as a header would even allow for old browsers to send the preference via a@tabatkins

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andreasbovens Firefox 71 is out & it’s a packed release:
🖼️ Picture-in-Picture on any video (Windows)
🏛️ Multicol column-span
📰 Subgrid
🛣️ Clip-path: path()
⚡️ WebGL Multiview
+ a ton of Devtools stuff:
📨 WebSocket Message Inspector
👀 Inline var preview
& much more…

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