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February 9th, 2020

@davatron5000 *Sigh*, yeah, for home screen icons browsers have to rely on what the operating system supports. We’ve been toying the idea of having the browser dynamically create what the OS needs.

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xopek59 New blog post on bot detection:…

The blog post was briefly on the HN front page, always a good surprise.

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@davatron5000 Maybe consider SVG favicons so you don’t have to ask the question at all. They’ve reached decent browser support (…) and you can do fun things with them like animate them (…) or have a dark…

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TejasKumar_ 🔥 HTML’s <q> element is a BEAST.

• Locale-aware
• Nests correctly

Incredibly useful for when you wonder how to write “quotes ‘nested’ in quotes”, or when you want to display quoted text IN THE LOCALE OF YOUR READER. 😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥

🎨 Play on @CodePen:…

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@kinu @dominickng @domenic Thanks both. Makes immediate sense now (when I put myself in the shoes of a C programmer and recall how division works there).

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