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February 19th, 2020

m_ott You just got to love this footnote by @chriscoyier. And it is your daily reminder that every time you hit publish on Medium, you actually pay with your work and give up control over it in exchange for “reach”.

Own your work. Publish on your own site. πŸ‘Š

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Four creative ways to JavaScript timing in browsers that may be “[a] little too clever, might confuse your teammates/contributors,” but that are nevertheless fun, by ⁦@alshakero⁩. ⏱…

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@html5test Seconds until they file a DMCA takedown request after you posting the screenshot: 3, 2, 1, busted. 🏎

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A list of shortcomings and/or annoyances in Apple’s `WKWebView`:…. Via the tweet storm started in the quoted tweet. ‡️…

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WebPlatformNews πŸ—ž Issue β„– 1035

1. z-index applies to grid and flex items as well
2. CSS middle value aligns with middle of x-height
3. -webkit-text-stroke is widely supported

Read it here:…

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@cjamcl @dalmaer I never can remember what key on my keyboard to press when I see the glyph in a menu. But the train taking an _alt_ernative _opt_ional track is my favorite new mnemonic 🀯:…

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grigs Service Worker detector for Microsoft Edge from @tomayac…

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