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February 25th, 2020

ChromiumDev Web devs, we need your input!

Take the MDN Browser Compatibility Survey and help us understand what browser vendors can do to make your life better:

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@areinet @gsnedders @MarijnJH @janl (Hi, this is Tom from the 🐡 Fugu team, caught this via a saved Twitter search for “project fugu”)

Did you follow up on the recommendation proposed in the last comment…? It’s indeed not in-scop

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@rob_dodson @davatron5000 @RealFavicon Coincidentally I’ve just landed a PR for that reflects this discussion:….

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📢 @Snugug and @petele have started to rework our Progressive Web Apps documentation. Be sure to bookmark 🔖 the new PWA landing page for all the existing and future content:….

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