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February 10th, 2020

ChromeDevTools Chrome DevTools helps you debug SameSite cookie issues. In Chrome 80, the Network Panel offers a filter for requests that were blocked from setting cookies. Reload the page while DevTools is open to see which cookies were blocked, and why.

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@zcorpan @davatron5000 One of the issues is that there is not just one icon for operating systems like Android, but actually several (…), some of which might need manual adjustments in order to get the safe area and/or the cropping r

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EdgeDevTools Kudos to @ericlaw for writing this incredibly useful blog post about everything browser related. A sure-fire bookmark for anyone who’d like to get into browsers.…

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@MatthewRPalermo @ChromiumDev Nice TeX editor beta, love it. For Android support: it’s planned, track for updates.

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rowan_m Another optical recreated in good ol’ HTML+CSS. This time: stepping feet 👣 Both rectangles are moving at the same speed, in sync - yet the bars make them look staggered. Fade in a plain background and the motion is apparent. Play for yourself at…

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