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February 17th, 2020

Analogies work best for explaining complex things in simple terms, as proven once more by the brilliant @jaffathecake. The follow-up question is gold, too. ⤵️…

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I’ve just added 📂 folder support to 💾 `browser-nativefs`, so you can work with directories in your web apps by—in the background—transparently either using the Native File System API or the legacy `<input type=file webkitdirectory>`…

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@MSEdgeDev @ChromiumDev @webkit @firefox Oh noes… 😱 Seems like my tweets caused it to go down. Y’all should probably just subscribe to the feed then…

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@gregwhitworth @nsthorat Google has this, too, where you can reject someone for the role they interviewed for, but you’d recommend them for another role instead. I think they go back to square one(-ish) interview-wise then, since in many cases the other

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