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February 28th, 2020

othermaciej The WebKit project has created a new space to host Explainers, early pre-incubation documents that we hope to promote to standards or incubation groups over time. Three so far. This is a way to review and comment on new web tech that we’re brewing up.…

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@blairanderson @_developit @enric0x This, but with a wrapper is what was used on (…). Tables were a great choice, just need to make them scrollable. 👍

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_developit 🧐 Hey! Wondering what Rome is?

I tried it out. Here’s what you need to know:…

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If you’re in the “what Web APIs do sites actually use?” business (seen from a Chrome angle), the forum post in the quoted tweet ⤵️ by @rick_viscomi is a must read. Aced as always! 👏…

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argyleink 🎨 a 4 corner layered gradient by stacking 2 simple linear gradients and using a linear mask to blend them together!

1 red to cyan gradient
1 hotpink to rebeccapurple gradient
and a mask-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, transparent, black);


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@RubenVerborgh Gelukkige verjaardag, feestvarken! 🎂 💥

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I was interviewed about Project Fugu 🐡, here’re my responses: ⤵️…

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philwalton Fantastic thread from @IgorMinar that shows how (oftentimes) bundle bloat is simply due to the fact that developers aren’t looking at the final output of their bundles:…

Solution? Take a look! 👀 There are great tools to help:…

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HTTPArchive Out of the ~5M websites tracked by the HTTP Archive dataset, the number of sites that use service workers has grown rapidly over the last two years.

Latest data from February 2020 shows adoption at 0.8%.…

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