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February 18th, 2020

@DasSurma @rowan_m @Lady_Ada_King @jaffathecake Samsung Yepp:…. The thing had just 32MB memory, I remember down-encoding my music to get like 15 tracks on the device. Classic first generation issue.

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@jaffathecake @rowan_m @Lady_Ada_King @DasSurma For YouTube Premium users: there’s a setting that lets you bump up your offline mixtape from 20 songs to 100. You’ve probably seen this, but just in case you hadn’t…

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HenrikJoreteg @jyasskin @gsnedders @yoavweiss @AutomatedTester As a data point: I’m a web dev focused on building and not involved in standards processes at all. I can say that I’m constantly wishing for more powerful browser APIs.

Fugu is what gives me hope that the web has a future as an application platform.

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anssik These web games are so fast to load they could replace “loading, plz wait” screens on JS-heavy sites to keep waiting customers entertained. 🥳

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