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October 3rd, 2021

@kinu Thanks, Kinuko. 😃

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@_zouhir Thanks, Zouhir! 😊 Likewise a fan of yours since I met you over your Edge work.

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@jennylg Thanks, Jenny! I guess your write-up would be super interesting to read. *hint *hint

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@kojote Haha, yeah, great memories of the early GTUG days. You were my guy in Munich I could always count on. Thanks in hindsight for all your community work.

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@rtroncy So do I… You’re one of the friends I mention in the PhD paragraph. 😃

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@kenneth_skovhus Thanks for caring enough to read it and thanking me! 😃

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@AnaestheticsApp Thank you, Simon! Developers like you are a big reason why I still very much enjoy this job. Great work!

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@bradneuberg @hashseed Yeah, definitely remember crossing paths with you. The difference was: your job actually was doing what you did. 😂

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@mloose72 Haha, I have photos from the legendary API Roundtable event lying around somewhere on an external hard disk, including my fake business cards that said “software engineer” instead of “intern”. Great times!

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@hochsays Thank you, Hongchan.

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@SaraSoueidan Edge and Chrome (among many others) on Android allow you to override your system setting. On desktop, it’s just Edge from these two; for some reason Chrome doesn’t want to expose it (tracked as

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@j9t I love that this doesn’t mention the term “shit umbrella” even once. I hate it when management reduces itself to this. Management (good management at least) is so much more!

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RT @tomayac: 🎉 14 years at Google: Yesterday marked my 14 year Googleversary 🎂, so I sat down and wrote up some thoughts on the past years……

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